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Review access for symposium organizers

1- Enter your email address and the temporary password we sent you directly by email.
2- The system invites you to create a personal password (8 characters minimum).
3- Enter your personal password.
If necessary you can change your password and create another one by clicking on "Forgotten password". You will receive an email with a special link to re initialize the password.
4- Click on the button: READER / REVIEWER ACCOUNT

Please make sure to review your abstracts before February 19, 2018 9:00 am Central European Time.

If you encounter any editorial or technical problems, please send an email to:

Review guidelines

Do not forget to confirm by email to who will be the lead reviewer.

Once connected to your Control Panel Reviewer, you will have follow the steps below:

1- For each abstract, click on the button in the column "Actions", you will see the contents directly on your screen.

2- Grade the abstract according the following criteria:
A = Accepted for oral presentation.
B = Accepted for oral presentation only if room; otherwise accepted for poster presentation. Indicate priority in the waiting list (1 is highest priority).
C = Accepted for poster presentation.
D = Waiting list for poster presentation. Indicate priority in the waiting list (1 is highest priority).
E = Rejected.
The final number of talks and posters for allocated to each symposium will be found in the file available on your reviewer account as well as our suggestions for numbers to be ranked in category A, B and C; numbers in category D and E are at your discretion.
It is useful that you have a number of talks in the waiting lists (grade B) for oral presentations and for posters (grade D). Indeed presenters may have indicated another symposium as their first preference, fail to register or cancel.
Full instructions were sent to you be email and are available on your reviewer account.

3- Enter comments if necessary.

4- Do not forget to SAVE your mark.

5- Then proceed the same way to grade the following submission.

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